Ray Hilbert

Living in Central Indiana, we never know from one winter to the next how much snow we will get-and to be totally candid, I hate snow! And particularly dread having to shovel it.  Sore back, long hours, frankly it is boring.  But all that changed since we got our Snow-Caster- and mainly because I don’t have to shovel the snow anymore! My kids do it, and they love it!  They are only 11 and 10 years old, and they use the Snow –Caster and do the job for me. I am so happy now to come home from work and see my driveway all cleaned off- and then to hear my wife say our kids went out and did it on their own because they like using the Snow-Caster. Everyone is happy. Our Snow-Caster is one of the best purchases we ever made- and I honestly could not understand why everyone who lives where it snows would not have one.

Ray Hilbert Fishers, IN

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