Don Schultz

Happy New Year! We got 4 to 5 inches of snow over the past Sunday and Monday. I got to use my new Snowcaster! WOW! I cleared both my drive way and my neighbors in about 35 minutes – which is about half the time it typically takes. Greatest advantage is the fact that I never had to “stoop over” at all! The reduced strain on my back and shoulders is the real benefit of your product! I’m 66 years old and in good health but scooping snow is always a concern. Not only am I less fatigued, my wife watched me use the Snowcaster for a few minutes and said with the way it worked she was not nearly as worried about me having a heart attack when shoveling! I have a flat driveway totaling about 2,800 square foot plus about 200 square feet of sidewalks. Traditional shoveling not only takes a lot longer it also takes a lot more effort! I would recommend a Snowcaster for anyone with a hard surface driveway or sidewalk. It’ll save time and muscle strain! Thanks again for making a great product!

Don Schultz Overbrook, Kansas

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