This snow pusher is awesome. If you’re tired of shoveling and lifting snow get one of these. My back thanks me, yours will too. Plus its made in the USA. It’s built well and should last many years.


Happy New Year! We got 4 to 5 inches of snow over the past Sunday and Monday. I got to use my new Snowcaster! WOW! I cleared both my drive way and my neighbors in about 35 minutes – which is about half the time it typically takes. Greatest advantage is the fact that I never had to “stoop over” at all! The reduced strain on my back and shoulders is the real benefit of your product! I’m 66 years old and in good health but scooping snow is always a concern. Not only am I less fatigued, my wife watched me use the Snowcaster for a few minutes and said with the way it worked she was not nearly as worried about me having a heart attack when shoveling! I have a flat driveway totaling about 2,800 square foot plus about 200 square feet of sidewalks. Traditional shoveling not only takes a lot longer it also takes a lot more effort! I would recommend a Snowcaster for anyone with a hard surface driveway or sidewalk. It’ll save time and muscle strain! Thanks again for making a great product!

Don Schultz Overbrook, Kansas

Well made and very easy to use. Moves some serious snow! I have a ridiculously steep concrete driveway and traditional shovels become a brutal workout. This thing half the time and required NO heavy lifting. I couldn’t ask for much more for less than $100.


Get One….This is seriously the envy of my neighborhood. In my area, we mostly get 3-4 inch snows, and this snow plow zips through them about 5x faster than my conventional snow shovel. I have pushed 40-50 driveways full of snow so far and it is holding up well.

Andrew Boyertown, PA

It’s a snow bully!

Green Reviews “Highland” (Philadelphia, PA United States)

We had a light snow after I received this and it works great. I have a fairly large driveway and it cut the clearing time way down (they say 50% but I’d say it is more than that). I’m looking forward to seeing how it works in heavier snow, but I’m already “sold” on this product. It’s a life (and back) saver.

Ragamuffin (Blacksburg, VA USA)

I purchased two Snowcasters, one for my kids and one for myself. The shovels arrived the day before the blizzard of 2013. My kids originally poked fun at the “weird looking” shovel and couldn’t see how the thing would work. Then the storm hit. I got a couple of calls from them telling me that the Snowcaster was “awesome” and couldn’t believe how well the shovel worked. I also was EXTREMELY pleased with how well the shovel performed. Once I got the hang of using the Snowcaster to its best use in such heavy snow, I loved the fact that I was now the plow and could let the shovel do its work. I found myself looking forward to going back outside throughout the day just to tidy up the snow. Thanks so much!

Michael Mahoney

The Snowcaster is a GREAT product! It is easy to use and gets the job done very quickly. My husband really likes it because I enjoy using the Snowcaster so much, he doesn’t have to clear the driveway or sidewalks anymore.

Sandy Gundlach Noblesville, IN

Before I bought my Snowcaster my wife would beg me not to go outside and shovel the snow, fearing that I would suffer a debilitating back injury or that I might have a heart attack and die on the pavement. Now that she has seen with her own eyes how easy it is for me to keep our driveway clear of snow without endangering my back or my heart, she can’t wait to see me shovel that snow. I feel like a kid playing in the snow again!

Larry S. Retired lawyer living in Fishers, IN.

We had a good 3-4 inches of snow on the ground and I went outside with my new Snowcaster and cleaned my whole driveway in a matter of about 15 minutes. I then let my neighbor borrow it because he couldn’t get his snow blower started. Needless to say, he went out a bought his own Snowcaster the very next day. The Snowcaster Rocks! Thanks for making such a useful product that does what it’s supposed to do.

Dr. Tony Ratliff Indianapolis IN

I got my Snowcaster right before a winter storm hit Cincinnati. My next door neighbor and I started to shovel our drive ways at the same time and I was able to finish my drive in half the time that it took him with just a snow shovel. The Snowcaster works fantastic and is sturdy enough for even a deep snow. I would highly recommend this snow removal tool to anyone who wants to save time…and their back!

Brian B. Cincinnati, OH

Our employees love the snowcaster. It cuts clean-up time in half and significantly reduces user fatigue!

Chris Baker Cutterz Lawn & Landscape

Living thru Michigan winters requires all the right tools , the addition of the Snowcaster in our garage has made my life easier . For clearing the driveway and sidewalk the Snowcaster in place of the snow shovel for medium to light snowfalls has saved my back and time ……………what a great product!

Mark Craig Farmington , MI

Our company Automatic Irrigation Supply with four locations in Indiana has sold the Snowcaster for three years. Each year our sales have increased with existing customers coming back for more units and new customers buying the product. Our customers think it is by far the best product for getting the snow off of sidewalks. This one is unique and profitable.

Steve Christie President, Automatic Irrigation Supply

Living in Central Indiana, we never know from one winter to the next how much snow we will get-and to be totally candid, I hate snow! And particularly dread having to shovel it.  Sore back, long hours, frankly it is boring.  But all that changed since we got our Snow-Caster- and mainly because I don’t have to shovel the snow anymore! My kids do it, and they love it!  They are only 11 and 10 years old, and they use the Snow –Caster and do the job for me. I am so happy now to come home from work and see my driveway all cleaned off- and then to hear my wife say our kids went out and did it on their own because they like using the Snow-Caster. Everyone is happy. Our Snow-Caster is one of the best purchases we ever made- and I honestly could not understand why everyone who lives where it snows would not have one.

Ray Hilbert Fishers, IN

While we did not receive much snow in St. Louis this year, what little snow did fall was easily cleared with The Snowcaster. Both our crews and managers were able to put The Snowcasters to work and were very pleased with their performance. Thank you very much for manufacturing such equipment, and I am looking forward to using them for many seasons to come. Have a great day,

Ken J. Boegeman, Jr. CSP Regional Manager

Here at Home Of Economy we sell anywhere from 300 – 400 snow pushers a year, so they have become a very popular item.  With that said, the Snowcaster is the third different model we’ve carried in the last four years.  Poor design and craftsmanship, inadequate customer service, and availability have plagued us from day one.  However, the Snowcaster has made my life easier as a Purchasing Manager by addressing all the issues we’ve experienced in the past.  Customers now want the snow pusher with the blue blade and won’t settle for anything else.  For that I thank Snowcaster for making my job easier, but more importantly for keeping our customers completely satisfied. Take care,


Here at B&B Lawnscapes, we specialize in high end commercial, medical and retail snow removal. We have approximately 1 million square feet of sidewalks under contract. By using “The Snowcaster” we have realized over 50% efficiency versus traditional snow shovels and the guys won’t leave the shop without “The Snowcaster” – they rarely use snow blowers anymore… Our guys love how easy “The SnowCaster” is to use and it is much easier on their backs. The heavy duty construction of “The Snowcaster” means they are very dependable.

Andy Barker  –President, B&B Group Inc.

I am a 73 year old heart patient and just used the Snowcaster for the first time. Thank you for this amazing invention. I made a path from my front door to the mail box with no more of an effort than it took to walk. I would recommend this to anyone but especially to the elderly and/or anyone with a disability.

I had to try it. WOW what a difference. What use to take me 30 to 40 minutes to clear my two car driveway (5 to 6 inch of mixed snow) including a 100 foot long sidewalk, now only takes 15 minutes, plus I am not even out of breath. As an Engineer, I must say this is a very well constructed tool. I like the fact that with each pass, I can clear a 3 foot path and after 6.5 passes my driveway is cleared of snow. What I also love is, it only takes one pass to do my sidewalk. That is why I can finish my driveway/sidewalk in less than half the time. I even showed it to my neighbor and they said they want to get one.

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